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We have been striving to enhance the quality of life
through interesting, convenient, and safe software innovation.
In addition, we have achieved recognition for our technology and expertise
from numerous users for a long time

Echolight Sales Team :


Make Your Life More Convenient and Richer

ESTsoft provides TeamUP, an integrated corporate communication platform used by over 30,000 people,
and ALTools, widely loved since 1999 as one of Korea’s most representative utility programs. 
The number of corporate customers using TeamUP exceeded 12,000 just 10 months after its launch.
TeamUP is achieving remarkable results in the corporate market.
ALTools consists of ALSee, ALSong, and ALZip, known as one of Korea’s representative compression utilities, among others.
It achieved recognition for product stability and quality by obtaining GS (Good Software) Grade 1 in 2016.

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