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Enterprise-grade protection that helps you do more to protect your digital business

In the past 12 months, over 38% of businesses have suffered malware attacks.

With today’s cybercriminals sharply focused on a range of malicious activities, including:

• Stealing sensitive corporate data

• Accessing customer information

• Disrupting business-critical operations

• Stealing money … the damage can be devastating for any business.


That’s why the latest Kaspersky Endpoint Security includes even more innovative security layers – so enterprises can benefit from protection that goes far beyond Next Gen Security.

Echolight Sales Team :


Endpoint Security 10 for Workstations

다중화된 보안기능 및 엔드포인트제어를 통해 기업네트워크를 안전하게 보호

Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Servers

서버에 특화 된 구성요소로 기업 내 서버를 안전하게 보호

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